Scope of work by month

Round 1
Jan/Feb Pre & Post emergents (for Winter annuals)

Round 2
Mar/Apr Pre & Post emergents & Fertilizers

Round 3
May Fertilizer & Herbicide
(as needed)

Round 4
Jun Fertilizer & Herbicide
(as needed)

Round 5
Jul Fertilizer & Herbicide
(as needed)

Round 6
Aug Fertilizer & Herbicide
(as needed)

Round 7
Sep/Oct Pre-emergents
(for Winter annuals)

Round 8
Nov/Dec Post-emergents
(selective herbicides)

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Fertilizers are very important to the health of your turf grass. Providing nutrients in a timely manner will keep your lawn thick and healthy. This will also make turf more weed and stress resistant. Turf density will also increase.

Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from emerging from the soil. They are usually applied in spring and fall. Can be applied to turf and beds to prevent weeds.

Herbicides are used to control existing weeds. We are able to control broad-leaf weeds and grassy weeds as well. This will reduce competition and turf will replace the spots where weeds once were. Weeds use valuable resources such as light, nutrition, and water.

Insect and disease control on turf and ornamentals will provide protection against fungus and insect damage to turf and shrubs. Fungicides are used during periods of high humidity/temperature as needed. Fungus is usually caused by duration of leaf wetness so proper watering and timing of watering is important. Water late night or early morning is best. This will reduce duration of leaf wetness and loss of water due to evaporation versus watering during daytime when temperatures are higher.

Core aeration is very important especially in clay soils that may become easily compacted due to high traffic. Aeration provides oxygen to the root zone, relieves soil compaction so roots may move laterally, and also breaks up thatch layer.

Lime is important in providing proper soil pH for your turf grass. Different grasses may vary as to the pH needed for best growth. Soil pH is important in nutrient up-take. Wet areas may become acidic.

Fire ant control is best accomplished by application of baits during hot and dry weather when ants are foraging for food.

Flea and tick control may be applied when fleas are present.

Fungicides are used to control turf diseases (fungus) such as dollar spot and others. Fungicides may be used as a preventative or cure. Most fungus out-brakes occur during the high humidity and high temperature time in summer.

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